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Remix Culture

Beta sprites for Remoraid and Octillery from the Pokemon Gold and Silver demo

I love the internet. It is full of endless information and things to do. You can talk to people, debate with people, play with people, show people your art, or basically anything. Unfortunately, this leads to the possibility of people using the internet for bad. It creates a difficult situation where either we limit people’s freedom on the internet or let malicious people do as they please.

Copyright is weird because it works fine in some places but works very poorly in others. What I mean is that on YouTube copyright is incredibly inconsistent. I have seen a person re-post a music video and get twice as many views without any credit or making any edits. It took 8 years for YouTube eight years to finally take it down. This is strange as YouTube is usually very quick to copyright strike any video even if they follow fair use. Copyright shouldn’t be changed, it should just be better and not rely on bot to detect copyright.

The license I have chosen is public domain as the sprites are designed to be used in Pokemon fan games. One of the difficulties when making a fan game is finding sprites for your game and I haven’t seen any for one of my favorite designs from the Pokémon Gold and Silver Beta demo which included versions of Remoraid and Octillery that resembled weapons.

To make the sprite I used and basically remade the old sprites but using the palette of the new sprites while making adjustments. I also made a shiny version with green armor for a more military feel. I like how it came out but I wish I could’ve made it bigger since it is a tank. One of the challenges I had were the tentacles which were kinda awkward to draw.


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